Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2: Creating and Crafting

So, after finally deciding what I needed to do to my foyer walls (after a year ago my sweet husband decided it was time to put spackling(?) on the wall you see when you come in, which was khaki and the spackling was of course white) I began my project today!!  Here is the before picture of one of the walls.

See in the far bottom right corner??  You can see a little of the spackling.  GRRR.....  So anyways, for a year (at least) I was trying to come up with an alternate to repainting my discontinued Khaki wall paint.  I decided to paint vertical stripes of cream!  You can faintly see my pencil lines :)  So, this will be #2 on my New Years List!  Happy painting to me!


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